Veterans Issues

Veterans and military members face some very unique issues in the legal system.  St. Paul and Minneapolis lawyers are not always prepared to address all of these issues.  Whether you have a military retirement that needs to be properly divided, custody issues while you are deployed, have service connected disabilities, or need alternative diversion programs through the criminal courts, Cornerstone Law can give proper legal help for veterans.

Veterans often need assistance navigating the Veterans Administration or military channels to obtain the benefits they deserve.  Cornerstone Law has more experience in this area than most St. Paul and Minneapolis Lawyers.  It is not always necessary to provide legal help for veterans in traversing the maze of offices and agencies necessary to obtain the benefits that you have earned.  We can direct you to the resources that will assist you, or can be available to guide you through the process.  If you are at a point where you do need legal assistance we can take your case to the Veterans Board of Appeals or the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

The team of St. Paul and Minneapolis lawyers at Cornerstone Law specializes in providing legal help for veterans. No challenge is too large when it comes to supporting the men and women that have given a portion of their lives to protect their neighbors and loved ones by serving in the United States Military.  Further, these services should not be so expensive as to prohibit these men and women from being properly represented.

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