Divorce Lawyers in Minnesota

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Minnesota?  Do you have questions about divorce proceedings?  The MN divorce lawyers at Cornerstone Family Law are here to help.

Divorce is never easy. There are many complex and confusing issues that arise during the process. Our attorneys understand the underlying stress of divorce and know that each client’s issues are unique. At Cornerstone Family Law, we know Minnesota divorce law and our team of MN divorce lawyers will work closely with you, listening to your concerns, educating you in your options and understanding your goals.

When we handle your divorce we can effectively address all issues that arise out of the divorce including:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Parenting Time
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Division of Property

We are not your typical divorce lawyers in Minnesota, here at Cornerstone Family Law we promote alternative methods of resolving the myriad of issues that arise during a divorce. Whether it is in your best interest to pursue mediation, negotiation, litigation or use a collaborative approach you can be assured our team will be prepared to represent you. We will walk through this difficult time with you and are prepared to advocate for you and assist you in building a better and brighter future.

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